The Trailer Is HERE!

Posted on Fri 10 May 17:32:29

Have a look. Give it a ‘like’ if you do.

The Fastest Film Ever Made – On Your Radio!

Posted on Thu 09 May 11:05:19

Asher from Team Best spoke with David O’Sullivan on 702 yesterday. You can hear the interview below.

Day ?? We keep on trucking!

Posted on Tue 07 May 10:43:53

All I know is that today is the final day of shooting. It has all been amazing for a number of reasons. 1. The production team. They are so phenomenal I can’t begin to explain. Ungodly hours spent feeding and watering us all, organising locations and cast at the last minute and ensuring that everything

Day 3: Polishing

Posted on Fri 03 May 20:42:29

I didn’t write anything yesterday, because I was too busy writing a script for all of you wonderful people. Today we arrived with a script in three pieces, after a read through of the assembled beast, we shat ourselves and put our noses deep into the computer screen and polished, finessed, revisited stories, characters and

Day One: We came, we spoke, we drank coffee…

Posted on Thu 02 May 08:50:13

It all began at the crack of dawn. I fell into the shower at 5AM, dressed in the dark and headed over to the BBC Radio studios. After what was almost definitely (and very appropriately) the fastest radio interview ever (which you can listen to at the bottom of this post), we cruised to Fastest

The Fastest Film Ever Made on 5FM

Posted on Tue 30 Apr 20:46:32

Bryan and Ash from Team Best were on 5FM with DJ Fresh this afternoon. They discussed the previous record holder (and Indian film named “Sivappu Mazhai”), the¬†enormity of the challenge facing them, the details behind the process, and whether or not Fresh could cut it as an extra in the movie. You can hear the