Day 3: Polishing

Not this...

I didn’t write anything yesterday, because I was too busy writing a script for all of you wonderful people.
Today we arrived with a script in three pieces, after a read through of the assembled beast, we shat ourselves and put our noses deep into the computer screen and polished, finessed, revisited stories, characters and moments unti now…
With some warm Picobello’s pizza in my belly, we have a story we LOVE, filled with real characters and some real heart-wrenching moments – we reckon we’re onto something awesome here.
Some great actors have been booked, locations are getting locked down and the support keeps coming, thanks everyone!
Keep posted as we go into Production tomorrow.


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  • You guys rock! So proud to have shared the Wits Drama School pavement with you … Curious as all hell … Make us proud!

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